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Pellet Fuel

We would like to thank our customers that planned ahead and took advantage of our annual spring/summer pellet sale. We hope our wood stove customers have their fuel stores as well. For those that delay, we now sell 100% pressed wood blocks.

Wood Heat also now sells premium softwood pellets in addition to hardwood pellets. When buying cordwood, which is sold by volume, hardwood is better because of it's greater density, but softwood pellets can actually be better than hardwood pellets. Since both hardwood and softwood pellets are compressed to a similar density, and sold by weight, not volume, you will get similar BTU's per pound. The lighter, fluffier ash from softwood pellets is also more easily expelled from the firepot. The lab tests on the Bridgewell softwood pellets we carry reveal a very low ash content of around 0.025%.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are manufactured from the sawdust and end cuts, produced in the lumber manufacturing process, that would have otherwise been waste material. Wood Heat evaluates various manufacturers to offer the best quality pellets. BTU's vary only slightly from brand to brand, but ash content, length consistency, and impurities may vary greatly. Impurities increase "klinkering" or "caking" of ash in the burn pot. There is a huge difference between 1% ash and 0.25% ash.


In addition to being stylish and efficient, pellet stoves are also considered to be a carbon neutral heat source. There has never been a better time to invest in a pellet stove or fireplace insert.
Wood Heat carries Pellet Stoves and Fireplace Inserts from Quadra-Fire, Heatilator Eco-Choice, and Hearthstone. Stop in and see them burn!
Please note that Hearthstone products are only available for order in our online store and at our Easton, PA and Flemington, NJ stores.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are Pennsylvania's own C&C Smith Lumber Company located in Summerhill, and Pennwood, located in East Berlin. For super premium softwood pellets, our supplier is Bridgewell, located in Virginia.
The best price is always in April, as pellet mills offer off-season incentives. Pricing typically increases with winter demand. Delivery is available March through September.

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